Monday, 19 September 2011

Polo trophy

Weekend went very well with family traveling for an hour for me to take some photos at Barclays Porsche polo game. 
I have seen games on TV so many times and it is considered a "king of sport".  I know that many rich and famous just go there to show off themselves and their wealth.  Even members of royal family play the game.  There was something like that on that day.  I have seen a well dressed man, a little scarf under a shirt, wearing suit on 30 degree heat.  Women bored to d aeath, they did not come to see the game but just show their jewellery. 

Probably, ten percent of spectators were interested in a game but rest just came to be seen.

My experiment went not to bad I think and here are some photos, click here 

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Barbie Exhibition

A Spanish superstore El Corte Ingles is well known in Lisbon.  From time to time the shop brings some exhibitions.  Today I went to see Barbie exhibition on the 7th floor.  There were many expensive Barbies costing more than €60 each.  Some of them were collectible Barbie's with from the 1950s.  Many of them were wearing beautiful gowns and costums. Sorry about photo quality, I took photos in my mobile.

This is Asian Goddes and Geisha made in 2006.

These are Japanese collections
 Moderns party Barbies 

Queen Amidala, she is wearing an old Mongolian head dress

 Burberry Barbie
 Coco Chanel
 Empress Josefina
Queen Elisabeth I


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