Thursday, 15 April 2010

Antonio Sa and Ana Pedrosa

I met Antonio Sa and Ana Pedrosa some years ago. If I could say, they are my first Portuguese friends by accident.

 Me with António at his exhibition, Esphino

At the beginning of this century, wow I can say this, Lisbon's Colombo shopping centre's FNAC shop had António Sá's photo exhibition. My husband and son saw this and told me that photos were from Mongolia. I went to see the exhibition and got his address and called him. Me and my husband arranged to meet them in Esphino, near Porto.

They traveled to Mongolia and visited many places such as Gobi, steppes and mountains. From the talk I was amazed being a Mongolian that they ate fish huushuur (fried dumpling). I was astonished! I never ate fish huushuur in my life in Mongolia! The only guess I could make it because this event happened at the Huvsgul lake, a very famous Mongolian tourist destination.

The photographer's family

When he visited Mongolia his short name Tony was very popular among Mongolians because of a Brazilian soup opera.  Every Mongolian could easily to say his name.  He is the one of Portuguese does know about Mongolia and gives some talks and exhibit his photos about Mongolia in Portugal. 

If you are interested in photography workshops and photography holidays he would be perfect person to contact. He and his wife write for Evasões, National Geographic Portugal, Rotas & Destinos

Tomorrow, Friday, 16 April at Colombo's FNAC auditorium he will talk about his Iceland photography tour.  This is one of his tours that he does.

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