Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Collecting berries

A couple of days ago my family arrived to England from very hot or becoming very hot Portugal.  When we left Lisbon it was +26C and when we landed in Gatwick after 20 minutes circling on top of it because of a plane's landing gear problem, the temperature dropped dramatically, +16C. Nice!

After an hour ride we arrived at my PILs place.  Garden was blooming.  Vegetable patch had many vegetables, few ready for dinner many not yet.



Since my arrival I had collected straberries and raspberries. Raspberries were easy to collect but I had to always look under leaves.  Same as strawberries, but after collecting 500g strawberries my MIL said that she will collect them because I was putting in my bowl not yet ripe ones.

My DD1 was surprised that she can eat without washing raspberries.  I had to do some explanation because poor little child always told to wash fruit before eating them.  Many of them went to breakfast bowl, frozen, made ice creams and cheesecakes.

PILs had in their garden red currants, my favourite berries, my childhood memories. Somewhere in Mongolia, or to be precise in Dadal, Khentii aimag, during July I went with my grandmother to collect them in banks of Balj river.  We made jams, or boil with creams and freeze, it would be almost like ice cream.  When I came back for my summer holiday next summer, last jar of jam would be waiting for me. And circle would start again.

Nowadays, I buy in supermarkets, 100g costs me fortune, I would crash them and mix with cream and put on my bread.  Yammy!

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