Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas is around corner but without snow

Many Christmas fairs were held in Lisbon and its surrounding areas.  I attended in some of these fairs.  I like going there to show my bags and buy presents or just look at some very talended people's works. 

When I went to IWP craft fair I learnt how to make Christmas tree using old magazines. Flavia, IWP vice-president,  taught using  Martha Stewart's technique.  I bought some glitters and sprays to make trees but so far I do not have magazines.  I am not the person who buys magazines to read and through away, mine usually kept for a long time because they are about craft or photography.

My bags at IPS Pamper Evening

Between these fairs last Saturday I had Chritsmas afternoon tea party at my house.  Last Thursday night I baked my favourite brownies, which is always made whenever I have party at my house.  I used Delia's recipe but only with walnuts.  Baked sticky date cake, again Delia's, sausuage rolls, cheesecake and scones, which was forgotten to be brought to the table on Saturday.  Now all of them are frozen to take to Italy when I leave for Christmas next week.

Of course, it was Christmas tea party and could not be without mince pies.  I went to GB store to buy mince meat, never made for myself.  The shop moved from Sao Joao de Estoril in Cascais to address Avenida das Comunidades Europeis 415. 

My husband after searching for hours about perfect recipe for mince pies he made them.  They were tasty and guests were happy to taste the British tradition.  But my older daughter who can happily eat marmite did not like it.  While he was baking mince pies I went to my studio to work on my new bag.

After the tea party I had dinner with couple of friends, which lasted until 11pm.  It was nice to meet Fernando, who gave us interesting evening about Portugal and Portuguese culture.

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