Friday, 7 May 2010

Bulgarian lunch at Asian lunch group

Last five years I have been running at my home the Asian lunch group with my friends help.  We meet almost every month to cook mostly Asian food.  My friends are from Bulgaria, England, Norway, Japan and South Korea.  During these years I learnt many original recipes from first hand.  I had Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Russian and Thai friends who shared with me their food. Now from time to time and I would teach others their recipe.  I have to mention that my English friend Ann, who cooks Indonesian meals. 

Because I have couple of European friends they cook European food too.  Today was Daniela's turn to cook Bulgarian meal.   She cooked cold yogurt soup, stuffed peppers with cheese and eggs, moussaka, banittsa (cheese and eggs wrapped in filo pastry), two different salads, sun dried tomatoes and cheese wrapped with courgette crepes.  I might have forgotten some of the names.  She will send recipes soon.

Japanese friends Ai-chan was saying to Daniela that in Japan there are not many different varieties of cheeses and they are very expensive.  If Daniela lives there she has to pay lot of money to buy cheeses.  She used cheese in her three or four recipes. 


Daniela buys a Bulgarian cheese in a Russian shop in Cascais.  I heard that there is a Bulgarian shop in Lisbon.

The rule of the group is that everybody is get involved in cooking and learning process. The recipe will be shared and cost too.

My Norwegian friend Helene made a Danish dessert. She is our a dessert lady.  We do love her desserts.  Another rule of the group is that someone else brings a dessert.

After delicious meal I am not left alone to do washing up.  Everyone helps with washing up and drying dishes.  Who does not want these kind of friends to come back and cook and share fantastic afternoon!

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  1. It was a lovery lunch. I will make banittsa for Jeremy sometimes. It is easy to cook and taste and looks good.
    I am sorry to send all of member Japanese nabo salad recipe.
    Your photos are very nice.



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