Thursday, 29 April 2010

Should I be friendly to the environment?

I think we should always try to be friendly to the environment.  The question is how much we have to care.

Eleven years ago when I moved to the States I would be very happy to start recycling my packagings.  At that time in Mongolia we did not have any recycling programme at all.  I continue doing recycling in Portugal too. 

I think a year ago I was a very happy to find out that Eco Pontos of Oeiras town municipality put containers for used oil.  Before that I would collect all my used oil and put in plastic water bottle and through with my domestic rubbish.  Now I do not have to do anymore.

More than a year ago I stopped buying bottled water to reduce my plastic bottles.  Probably I use more electricity, which is not good too, and boil my drinking water.  I cannot drink water from the tap or cannot drink not boiled water either.

When I shop I bring my bags but to be honest from time to time I forget.  In order not to forget I keep my bags in the car. 

It seems like some Eco-friendly industries charging some shoppers who tries to make their difference to the world. 

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