Monday, 2 May 2011

Weather and family members feeling ill

From time to time we all experience bad weather and ill health.  Last week was our one of those weeks.  Here is my husband's account on that day.

My two year old had been feeling under the weather all last week. This culminated in a trip to hospital (Hospital Dona Estefania) on Thursday afternoon after she'd vomited five times that day and refused to eat or drink. She stayed overnight on a drip under observation, had ecography, xray, blood and urine tests. I went home and slept heavily but registered there had been very heavy rain and thunder during the night. One particular flash and bang were very close, maybe less than 2 sec gap between them.

She was let out Friday, diagnosis of something that imitates appendicitis but will clear up by itself. We took her home at about 2pm. Soon after that I felt very achey and decided to lie down and rest. I didn't understand much for the next 18 hrs but for a raging headache, crawling to the bathroom to vomit, and my wife saying I had a 40C temperature. Got out of bed gingerly at 4pm Saturday needing fresh air.

Yesterday morning I saw a tree 5 mins walk from us lying out of the ground, trees surrounding it untouched. Worrying, it's halfway down a steep hillside. I thought lighting only went for the top?

My wife just found out on Facebook now that apparently we just missed a lifetime freak hailstorm in central and northern Lisbon, with hail and flooding hitting 50cm deep. It was also so bad that the train line next to us (10km out of Lisbon) was cut at 1620h. News says an 8C temperature drop in one hour on Friday afternoon, 22C to 14C, caused "cumulo-nimbus" (one for the pilots).
In my account when we arrived to Dona Estefania hospital it looked worn out building and waiting room needed some paint or cleaning.  However, after five hours taking tests and seeing different doctors finally my daughter was given a bed.  We shared our room with six month old baby girl, who's mother was glued to a TV set watching football and had cold.  Poor mother.

Now my little darling had been connected to a drip for two hours, our room had the most of the time no light because of night time and she was asking to take her drip off, saying it hurts.  Finally, I noticed her thumb was swallen like roasted chicken.  Called nurse.  Poor girl. Because her hand had been wrapped in plasters that she cannot take her drip, I could only notice her thumb.  Nurses wrapped her swallen left hand and had to connect drip to right hand.  Four adults were dealing with her and she was crying like her eyes were popping out.

Finally, my daughter could sleep and I had fragments of sleep hearing all noises of two little girls and a mother next to me.  Maybe, in my little sleeps I made noises too.

At 8am my daughter woke up and she did not want to stay in the room, we went to play room.  We were there until DH came to see us around 1030 in the morning.  I still had not had my breakfast, tired, sleepless night and just went to room slept on a chair, similar to airplanes business class but less comfortable, while the mother next to me watched royal wedding.  I did not care about prince William and Kate's wedding, I needed sleep.

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