Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Aglag Buteel Temple, Mongolia

Aglag Buteel Temple has been built recently and work is still undergoig and cituated about 100km to the west of Ulaanbaatar city at a beautiful valley with trees and big snotes and hills near Daliin Am, Bornuur soum, Tuv aimag.

It was lama Purevbat's temple, he is one of the prominent modern Buddshist artist of Mongolia.   It was easy to get there and see extraordinary works of him and his colleagues.  This place where he grew up as a child.

The entrance fee was in summer 2015, 5000T per person. Hundreds of Mongolians were visiting this place for as a tourists or for religious purposes. All the stones are natural and as an  artist Lama Purevbat looked and carved as an fairy tale creatures.

 There are seven stones,which was brought by Mongolian wrestler.  As an explanation of when Buddha was born he made seven steps. In the photo only four stones.

 Resting Buddha/

If you want to know more detailed information it is here  I am sorry, it is in Mongolian. For the video click here

Photos @J&B Hughes

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