Friday, 16 April 2010

Street children in Ulaanbaatar

After the collapse of Soviet Union at the end of the 1980s, which was the Mongolian economy depended on it was hard for normal people to survive.  Shops had only sugar and flour and price for everything was rocketing almost every day.

During that time first street children or gang rose from sewage of Ulaanbaatar city.  The government could not coup with sudden rise of numbers of homeless children and at that time it could not figure out itself too. 

Handful of foreigners is helping the situation.  Many foreign media tried to get public awareness but it did not decrease number of children living in streets.

I met Didi many times during my Friday nights out because in Ulaanbaatar there were not many places to hang out at nights.  I knew what she was doing in Mongolia. 

Didi is working to help to street children in Ulaanbaatar.  Now her Lotus Children's Centre in the Mongolian capital is providing shelter, food and education for vulnerable children.  The centre spread its business providing accommodation and tours to visitors.

You can help or sponsor children donating money or volunteering your work at Lotus centre.

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