Thursday, 22 April 2010

Obidos visit during Easter Monday

On Easter Monday DH and I had a children free day.  The DDs went to creche to practice their socializing skills, while their parents went to Óbidos, a little old town with its castle and bright white houses. It is almost an hour's drive from Lisbon and someone could see everything in an hour if in a rush. To prolong the time there, one could find a nice little restaurant and have lunch or dinner.

During almost nine years of living in Portugal we were waiting for the right moment to visit Óbidos and walk along the old castle walls.  According to Lonely Planet this little town was in 1228 a little village, and it was a wedding gift from Dom Dinis to his wife Dona Isabel.

As soon as you enter through the old town walls you are greeted with an arch decorated with azulejos (painted tiles).  Under the arch an old lady had put her little table and was selling her handicraft. 

Òbidos's cherry liquer is a famous king's best secret.

Rua Direita accommodates many tourist shops and some cafes where you can drink the famous cherry liqueur.  Small cafes had a little table with two chairs that customers can drink cherry liqueur from little chocolate cups for €1 (and eat the cup!).  Once a year during March Òbidos holds the international chocolate festival.  During the festival, visitors can look at chocolate creations and taste and eat as many chocolates as possible.

In any town in the west there has to be a church - this is Saint Mary's church. 
  And here are some more photos of Òbidos.

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